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Cutting and creasing forme specialists

Our Services

Crosland Cutters Ltd provides cutting formes that meet and exceed demand within the supply chain requirements of various sectors including:
  • Medical
  • Point of Sale
  • Abrasive Tooling
  • Corrugated Display & Carton Packaging
  • Folders and Presentation Tooling
  • Gasket Tooling
  • Foam products Tooling
  • Vacuum Forming and Blister Pack Tooling
  • Games, Puzzles & Jigsaws
  • Business Presentation and Advertising
Quality Control
All of our cutting formes meet stringent quality control measures, ensuring that each dieboard is rigorously checked prior to dispatch. This ensures that your cutting forme should require minimum make-ready and have an extended run life.   At Crosland Cutters we pride ourselves on our customer care - new customers requirements are recorded and, when necessary, on-site visits can be arranged to measure up an individual machine, thus ensuring that each cutting forme is produced to individual requirements. Our ongoing customer liaison programme allows our relationship with our customers to grow and an open line of communication with our clients greatly reduces the chances of mistakes.

At Crosland Cutters we have shipped cutting formes to all corners of the world, including jigsaws to New Zealand and full stripping units to Korea.